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ONLINE TRAINING - Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Business Continuity Planning, 30 hours, 3.0 CEU's

Business continuity planning helps you keep your doors open and reputation intact following any kind of disruption and strengthens operational efficiency and competitive advantage. 

This training is for any size business or any type of workplace (private, public, or non-profit). This is useful for anyone new to this, or for specific organization positions to help them see their role in continuity, and even for continuity / risk / resilience professionals, to educate or refresh and gain access to tools and resources. Units may be taken in any order and a unit completion certificate is provided at the end of each unit allowing position specific staff to learn content applicable to them.

This course covers the following topics: Creating a planning team, embedding continuity into the organizational culture, determining essential functions, Business Process Analysis (BPA), Hazard and Vulnerability Assessment (HVA), Business Impact Analysis (BIA), employee and family preparedness, supply chain resilience, crisis communications, succession planning and continuity of authority, alternate location planning, devolution planning, reconstitution planning, financial resilience, emergency supplies cache, vital records protection, cybersecurity planning, emergency response planning, active shooter preparedness planning, evacuation planning, reunification planning, shelter planning, training, testing, exercising and evaluating the plans, and neighbors helping neighbors / thinking beyond your boarders for whole community resilience. 

Registration Price: Free