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ONLINE TRAINING - Live Safe. Work Safe. COVID-19 Basics (Employees)

Staying healthy and safe begins with education and reliable information. This comprehensive training program delivers expert guidance from health professionals, human resource experts, education leaders, and industrial hygienists. Using a machine-learning software known as Adaptive 3.0, the program adapts to our individual learning style and behaviors, and allows us to choose how we learn best. Some of us prefer to learn by watching videos, and some by reading - with this training, we have the choice. Best of all, you can take this on any device, anywhere.

The course covers the basics on how to help prevent catching and spreading influenza, COVID-19, foodborne diseases, the real science behind masks, physical distancing, and other infection prevention tips. It also delivers guidance on employee rights and how we can make simple choices to stay healthier, safer, and more informed. Individuals who complete the course will earn 0.2 Continuing Education Units through the University of Utah. This program was funded in party by The National Institutes of Health and The U.S. Department of Commerce.

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